A Vacation Retreat in Bukit Berahu Beach

Your next vacation should be in Bangka Belitung Province. It is actually a part of Indonesia. So, what makes this archipelago special? It is the home of many charming islands. Not to mention it features many beaches. Have you heard about Bukit Berahu Beach? It is located in Tanjung Binga, Pangkal Pinang. It is actually a secluded beach. The location is near to Berahu Hill. That means you should go down to the beach using paved stairs. Even though it is a tiring trip, you won’t regret it later.

The Nuance
Bukit Berahu Beach has a solemn and shady ambiance. No wonder, many tourists come here for a vacation retreat. You can take advantage of its environment. The beach is quite calm. You can also feel the comfortable wind. The beach features many trees and plants. Coconut trees are common here. When it comes to the water, it isn’t quite strong. The best view comes from above. Though, you should go down to enjoy water sports. Usually, the sky is cloudy. It adds to the serenity of the beach, after all.

Exploring Bukit Berahu Beach
From Bukit Berahu Hotel, you can see this beach clearly. The thing is the hotel and the beach is inseparable. If you aren’t the guest of this resort, you should pay the entry fee. Apart from its beauty, the beach features numerous tourist lures. For instance, there is Tanjung Binga Village. You can witness local’s activity like fishing and trading. The villagers work as a fisherman or a Durian distributor. It is possible to talk to these people. Though, make sure you can talk the Bahasa here.

Bukit Berahu Beach is located on a small island. It is made of small coral. The island is surrounded by trees and shady plants. The atmosphere is quite peaceful. The beach is suitable for relaxing, for sure. No wonder, many families come here to eradicate stress and enjoy good times. The only obstacle is the stairs. It takes a little bit effort to reach the beach. On the right part of this location, you may find enormous rocks. In the back, you may witness some fishermen’s boats.

The beach is small. It is similar to a private beach. Though, it offers a distinct beauty. Tourists won’t get disappointed coming here. Another attraction is the local people. In some occasions, the locals come to the beach for bathing. It is uncommon since the sea has no access. Only local people know how to reach the seawater, after all. Are you interested in playing in the water? In this case, you can ask information from those people regarding the accessibility.

Nearby Attractions
The nearest attraction is Tanjung Binga Village. Most of the villagers are fishermen. That means you may expect many fishermen’s boat in this village. The location is near to the beach, after all. Once you explore Bukit Perahu Beach, you should visit this local settlement.

How to Get There
Your main destination is Tanjung Binga Village. You can reach it from different locations, especially Tanjung Pandan. Once you arrive at the village, it is time to head to Bukit Berahu Beach. The distance is about 800 m. Visitors should pay the entrance fee. For Bukit Berahu Hotel’s Guests, there is no entry fee.

Where to Stay

  • Bukit Berahu Resort in Sijuk district

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